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Yoga Breath Modeling

A relaxed and simple approach that pays attention to how the different dimensions of yoga integrate into the logic of insight.


For a more in-depth rationale for this approach, see the Post .

The individual or small groups sessions take place at Carcavelos beach and may be longer or shorter depending on the availability of students and the type of class.

- Yoga initiation classes: for people with little or no experience; 1h to 1h 30m.

- Yoga Breath Modeling I: normal yoga classes for people with some practice, where we introduce the logic of insight; 1h to 1h 30m

- Yoga Breath Modeling II: more advanced classes that include a meditation session at the end; 1h 30m

- Surf Yoga: for surfers with a more or less playful or competitive logic, for those new to surfing and for those interested in feeling the sea in a very special way; 45 min. 1h or 1h 30m.

These are yoga classes where we catch the wave of breath and develop the various dimensions of yoga, being aware of the parallel facets of surfing. This practice leads us to discover our subtle nature, through an internal surfing, whose fruits include flexibility and psycho-physical integration, inner peace and concentration, etc. which, spontaneously, continue in the sea and surf experience, opening to an entrance in phase integrated with its subtle nature and with the experience of its full potential: sportive, ludic, human and spiritual.

See surf yoga post.

Contact me and come try a class!...

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Lectures, Courses and Retreats

  • We are testing the interest in the various proposals, please rate them and say which ones you would be more interested in participating and the preferred time. Thanks!


  • These activities will be in person and/or online depending on the pandemic situation or the ease of reaching a close or dispersed group.

introductory lecture

Universal Evolution as a Insight Process

-The nature of relations and its universal integration or, the non-dualistic view of "things";

-Relativity of meaning and relational dimension or, the reflective/creative process of common insight;


- The reflective/creative process in the evolutionary stages of universal insight: physics, life and consciousness.

| 2h 30m including exhibition and debate |

introductory course

Non-Duality and Universal Evolution


- Language and non-duality: establishing the relational mode that allows addressing all areas in a resolute sense.

- Infinity and physics: the reflective path that took physics into non-duality's vision | classical and quantum physics | resolution of the wave function collapse and energy problems | the universal reflective/creative process | a new vision of order and the map of beings in space.


- Life: harmonic model of space | the water and the mind of life | the cell and the evolution of life | the evolution of the nervous system, conscious process and consciousness | the living being as a matrix that manges non-duality | meditative dynamics of the living being | structure and dynamics of the subtle internal body (chakras).

- Origin of human awareness: animistic insight and the human condition | the initial word and its evolution, the sound and history's catharsis | map of the creative process I/world.

- Evolution of the conscious process: imprisonment on earth and liberation | the first civilizations | Eastern thought | Western thought | current biological insight.

9 weeks | a 2h session per week | exhibition, debate and final meditation

Deepening courses
(Focused on a main theme, but passing through all others)


Language and non-duality

- The subtle training of non-duality | the example of physics | life as a management of non-duality | the conscious process discovering its ultimate nature.

6 weeks | a 2h session per week | exhibition, debate and final meditation

Life is completing the universal insight

- The meditative process of life | chaotic and harmonic collapse of the wave function | language as a catharsis of history | the conscious process discovering the meditation of life.

7 weeks | a 2h session per week | exhibition, debate and final meditation

Origin and evolution of human consciousness

- From animistic insight to current biological insight | non-duality and universal evolutionary path | existential differential of life and human condition.

7 weeks | a 2h session per week | exhibition, debate and final meditation

Specific courses

The revelations of biological insight

- The insight process | interdependence between “incarnation and afterlife” | how the living are solving the universe | the human condition is operationalized in the map of the external chakras | we all have the 12 signs, the truth of astrology | the resolution of the cross | types of insight and history of planetary enlightenment | the organism of humanity.

7 weeks | 2h session per week | exhibition, debate and final meditation

Weekend courses

Simplified approach to a main theme, passing through all the others. The contemplative component becomes more prominent: morning yoga session, short meditations throughout the day, namely based on the topics discussed.

Weekend retreats

Morning: Yoga | meditation | breakfast | introduction of reflection's theme | lunch | rest.


Afternoon: topic debate and clarification of doubts | meditation | dinner | activity/meditation.

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