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     Universal Heart's Therapy

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This therapy addresses any type of difficulty, problem or pathology based on memories and imprints established in the structure of the subtle body or chakras. This includes personal and family issues, linked to epigenetic memory, but also to the memory of spaces, etc.

In any situation that arises, initial tests say whether it is an issue that this therapy can really help. If so, we will do an integrative session of this story, which acts at being's most subtle level and leaves an evolutionary resolution for the rest of life that, depending on the type of question, may be enough or the adjuvant factor, at this level, to the therapies that are being followed.

Although not very known, this approach reached its final definition in 2016 and, since then, has been used in the most diverse situations.

This is a new point of view that cannot be simplified in the logic of "cleaning" the chakras, etc., so we leave a brief introduction that can clarify the main aspects of it.


Our therapeutic approach was born from the research summarized in the book “Little Mythologies of Creation” which reveals the universe as a meditative process, through which, gradually, more complex orders are generated along the sizes of space.


This meditation is a reflexive/creative dynamic, generated from the virtual subtlety of a non-dualistic emptiness that, therefore, does not allow for a simple description, but seems to “contain” all possible relationships in a perfect harmonic integration of their interdependencies.


As you can find on the page "The Insight" and go deeper in the book, this subtle zone of space expresses being's ultimate nature, as orders composed of certain relationships which manifest this zone in a partial way, as they are a stage of this meditation, generated under certain conditions of harmonic collapse.


In simple terms, we could say that this void reflects previous conditions and creations, in the virtual mirror of its perfect integration, generating responses, that is, creating relationships that are virtually in space and, in certain contexts, can manifest in new orders.


This reflection/creation is the generating consciousness of the orders, that is present and establishes them with a harmonic wisdom that potentiates the next articulations, on a path that culminates in life and its conscious process, where the reflection/creation is more directly expressed. Orders are non-dualistic resolutions, whose evolution expresses better the ultimate wisdom of emptiness and its reflective/creative potential.


The autonomy of orders and their partial realization of this potential are related to the particular processes of collapse that define the models/paradigms of the various levels of order. But all of them are deeply connected to emptiness wave, which reflects them and brings the answers of possible interdependencies that, in certain contexts, will allow the emergence of more complex orders and the expression of this reflexive/creative process.


Life is precisely the emergence of a local order that directly expresses this subtle process, but it is structured in the conditions of contextual collapses, therefore, in its evolution, it gradually solves the difficulties of expression of its nature and realizes the wisdom of emptiness in local and universal space.


In this sense, living beings are subtly realizing the law of compassion, as they assume the difficulties generated by previous creations and, by solving them, bring the wisdom of consciousness or, of the universal heart, to all levels of space. The evolution of life culminated in human beings, who are already directly living this meditation, on previous structures, in their conscious process, and, therefore, can complete it, being aware of their partiality, in the mirror of their nature, and living the transformation that reveals it.

Living beings are a channel of direct relationship with the creative emptiness, which is homologously structured for everyone and defines us in an existential differential, between the subtle nature that gives us life and the structures we have to establish to deal with the different types of collapse and world conditions. Hence, the human being, by having this final solving dynamic in the conscious process, is resolving this channel, that is, the story of life's suffering.

This resolution, which culminates in enlightenment, is the natural process of biology, completing its evolutive path, by bringing the wisdom of its meditations into the structures that condition the conscious process collapse.

Since the beginning, the human being is on the path of this resolution which, when it hatches, goes through several stages and manifests the potential of emptiness, in the particular forms of each one, but not everything is solved, from then on the process becomes spontaneous and assumes more and more facets of the resolution/problem. It is not superpowers or hyper-happiness, but an empty, peaceful and tranquil realization of the nature of freedom, completeness, and universal compassion, that subtly assumes all there is to solve. Therefore, it is natural to be led to help others reaching this realization, and a new world is really in prospect, but it is necessary that all humans reach this transition and it becomes a common reality of culture, for life to complete this stage and the fruits of such an achievement reveal its infinite potential.

The human condition is defined in this ability to solve the universal evolutionary problem that has become the suffering of life. We are all born with this resolution, but without knowing anything, and we connect to the problem, that lies in culture, in epigenetic conditions and, particularly, in space. Therefore, we will tend to get involved and structure ourselves in the conditions generated by the problem, achieving the solution in a partial way.

Our evolution always implies understanding and properly assuming this condition, as an interdependence of the resolution/problem, and takes place through realizing the partiality of our relational structures, in the mirror of life's values.

Wanting it or not, in more or less wise modes, this reflection tends to occur, as life is continually bringing to experience (physical, emotional and mental) the way we are involved with the problem, thus promoting the awareness of the personal structures that awakens the relational responses of the resolution.

The evolutionary process will always take place in this way, but depending on the path of involvement and the structural complexity of each one, the manifestation of the problem occurs in ways that are more or less difficult to understand and address, as relational and existential difficulties or pathologies of various orders, that is, in the different forms of suffering's expression.


However, if we appropriately assume the values ​​of life and our condition, and learn to be aware of what wants to be expressed, we can place ourselves in the dynamics of resolution and go through the transformations that, in the limit, lead to a less complex manifestation of the problematic and, gradually, to a resolution through simple awareness, opening a phase of transformation of our structures and involvements, which culminates in the emergence of the final process, where the resolution operates by itself.


Everything that we present on this site and deepen in the book intends, precisely, to lead us to a proper understanding of the nature of this process and to help us to be in that stage of spontaneous resolution. In this sense, and before we clarify the operating mode of Heart'sTherapy, which is a very specific way to help the subtle integration of our structures and, therefore, to open to spontaneous resolution of all types and levels of expression of the problem, it is important to understand a little how the human condition, as a solution connected to the problem, is concretely established.


At the end of the book, we discuss in detail the way human condition is concretized, clarifying the map used in this therapeutic approach. To introduce it, we would say that the special or miraculous context of planet Earth generated a harmonic opening of space that allowed the subtleties of the void to act locally, leading to the co-emergence of life processes. The more subtle harmonic orders of the universe were present as a solving source and, when life emerged, they became fully active. This order forms the subtle body or structure of the chakras, which are harmonic sources behind the different structuring levels of life's organization and its meditative modes.


Life materializes the wisdom of the chakras, but it was built on the interaction with all types of collapse in the world, which are assumed in particular paradigms and structures, within a complex management of the various levels of a total harmonic collapse, establishing an existential differential. Therefore, the evolution of this existential differential, which man can complete, is a path for all levels of life to fully realize the wisdom of the chakras.


The chakras are a subtle activity in outer space, close to the surface of the living being. It is not an energetic reality, but a non-dualistic, virtual and empty one, since they are modes of perfect integration of the relational order or of total interdependence, which derive and help the first chakra, the source at the base of the entire process; the heart chakra.


In animals, these chakras, called biological, are found in the central line of the body and dynamize the entire organization of the living being, as well as generate continuous subtle regulations. In addition to these chakras, man has a structure of 12 auxiliary chakras of some biological ones that act directly on the outside, forming the external subtle body (ESB). It is through this structure that the human condition, as a solution embedded in the problem, is concretized and operates in the world. These chakras are on both sides of the body and are connected in a structure of channels, where various levels of circulation are generated between the functions of each one. Each of these chakras has a homologous function to a biological one, so the whole is dynamizing the space with the resolution of life.


One of the findings of this investigation is that space “records” the complex collapses that take place in it. This process generated a virtual record of the entire history of life's suffering, which is local but also not local and is continually being reactivated by all of us, in a more or less prominent way. This local/world activity subtly reaches everyone and, therefore, together with family, cultural, etc. factors has always been influencing our personal structuration.


The ESB is precisely receiving this registration and solving it along its circuit, thus making our condition operational. However, this subtle resolution is more or less affected by our active patterns and opens us to the direct influence of that register's activity.


As we are born without knowing anything, we are going to structure ourselves from more or less subtle or even gross relationships, in part, through suffering, the recreation of epigenetic, family and cultural complexities. So we are structured within the activation of the suffering's registration that affects the operation of the ESB and generates the involvement and connection with the problem, that defines our basic karmic condition.


The resolution of the karmic condition implies an awareness of the complex patterns that are expressing themselves or coming to manifestation in various experiential forms (physical, emotional or mental), which triggers the solving paths of structuring through biological integration. On a more subtle level, the biological chakras are bringing, to those of the ESB, the subtle forms of these patterns, which resonate with the outer counterparts or, the activity in the record of suffering, and the circulation generated between the functions of these chakras simultaneously solves the inside and the outside. This operation is very subtle or empty, in the sense of the full integration, and, deep down, it manifests our condition as it is, the resolution of life connected to the problem, integrating it into its wisdom.


However, the situation is more complex because when these patterns form and are reactivated, what is active in the outer register is partly recreated by us, and what comes to the ESB from the biological chakras is a similar activation. It is this interdependence that affects the resolutive circulation of the CSE, generating moments of karmic conditioning or relational fixation in the history of suffering. The most important thing is that these moments establish memories of these marks, interruptions, overloads or blockages in the functions and circulations of the chakras, which are in the ESB channels and form an interdependence of subtle filters in the solving dynamics.


Throughout life, we have been establishing karmic conditioning, complex neural structures, reactivations of their patterns and of the suffering's record, thus an opening sensitized to the influence of its activity that recreates the entire process, as well as reinforces the interdependence between the ESB afected memories, which continue to filter the resolutive circulation. Since our condition is the resolution/problem, we become more or less involved in the problem and from that comes all the subtle and gross difficulties.


The subtle structures, which filter the resolution of the ESB, are not easily solved in the most common therapeutic and meditative paths and, on the one hand, they become the factor that sustains the complex interdependence between the various problematic processes and, on the other, reduce the resolutive capacity of the different methods assumed to address them.


The Heart's Therapy precisely addresses the history of the subtle structures that filter circulations in the ESB and, therefore, can be an important aid to all other therapeutic pathways. It was not designed in this sense, but it evolved from a previous base and, at the end of my investigation, it gradually revealed all the details of the ESB, the functions of the chakras, the logic of the circulations in their operation to realize the human condition, and the approach to all marks that affect them.


During our life course there has never been an opportunity for all these causalities, correlations and memories to be seen, digested and integrated, one by one, in the order of their interdependence which, from the current complexity, passes through every moment until the initial marks. This is precisely what the Heart's Therapy does.


The initial marks affected certain aspects of the ESB and generated a memory that is always present. All other situations did the same, starting from the previous ones, generating a complex causal interdependence between all memories, which works together, filtering the resolutive circulation of the interior/exterior.


In simple terms, we would say that the therapeutic approach was built by heart tests and consists of a session guided by the pulse, where the heart will choose (and bring up or expression), topic by topic, the sequence of marks and their interdependencies. Each topic is placed on the heart chakra and, in general, the first is the aspect most affected by the whole story and its interdependence. By being chosen and placed in the main chakra, there is a kind of solving awareness, where this whole story begins being digested and integrated into the wisdom of emptiness, the non-duality of the universal heart. That part of the ESB is unaffected and the whole issue is being resolved. Then the heart chooses a previous affectation, whose topic is placed on the top of the other and, step by step, it can express, digest and integrate all the causalities and interdependencies, until reaching the initial one, when the whole story is simultaneously in the universal heart's resolution.


This is just one session for any type of situation, which can be followed by others of interpretation and reflection on the sequence that came out and its correlations with the different aspects of the person.


This session is like a potential retreat, where all the subtler aspects of our problematic will be able to express themselves in a perfect causal order and be seen and solved in the wisdom of the universal heart.

Here resolution does not mean to clean or throw something away, but to integrate non-dualistically the subtle marks of our history, which cease to be filters and become the flow of the solving wisdom. Therefore, the empty resolution is established in the ESB and never ceases to act, gradually helping all other facets and structures of the problem to be solved.

Thus, we would say that, from then on, as long as we are aware of the complex patterns, our condition tends to spontaneously fulfill its mission. In other words, at the limit, it is enough for us to fully understand that we are the universal resolution and be aware of what is manifesting, to experience it in the transforming dynamics of the conscious and it accomplishes itself at the most subtle level, solving our's and life's history.

- The therapy sessions take place in Lisbon, but they can be held at a distance.

- For any information, please contact me .

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