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The biological insight may be the truth of our time...

... in many ways and,

if knowledge reveals and transforms,

this will be a space to understand this insight.

and reach a more direct and globalized experience of this truth


My name is Henrique Areias and I have always had a strong desire to understand many subjects, combined with a certain ease in finding their interconnections. From 1994 onwards I dedicated myself to an investigation, whose initial objective was to discover the creative process in multiple areas of knowledge, understanding that I could reach a universal model, from which anyone would have a unified point of view to approach them and these could solve their communication difficulties.

Over the past 26 years the investigation has taken many turns but, it has kept me deepening my knowledge of many fields of study and their stories, as well as taking on their most important difficulties. It was my retreat zone, whose fruits were expressed in very stimulating insights and opened to a particular vision of reality, supported by the evolutionary paths of science and society. In 2016, I reached a concluding stage that, unexpectedly, revealed a very enlightening sense of everything that had been understood.

During this journey I was a surfer, musician, yoga and meditation pratctioner and semiology teacher, an area whose difficulties I had to solve, assuming a coherent perspective with these practices, where language and the conscious process are based on the concept of relationship. All things are relationships on many levels and are understood in terms of how we relate to them. So, as we become aware of some particular aspects of a relationship, it evolves and things are understood in a new way. At the base of the process of language, consciousness and many organic and physical realities, there seems to be a reflexive dimension that takes account of the relational structure and leads to a creative response or resolution that makes it evolve.

Thus, by deepening the assessment of this reflective/creative process in language and in the conscious process, I was able to establish a way of relating that would allow addressing all areas, as always manifestations of language/conscious, understanding their difficulties and their evolutionary path, which eventually led to the thesis of the history of man as a path that evolves towards biological insight; understandable as the opening of the conscious process to the ultimate nature of this universal process.

This site is a first step in the dissemination of a vision, of the history of the universe, life, consciousness and man, as a unified meditative process, which responds in a natural, simple and integrative way to the doubts and difficulties of scientific and spiritual perspectives, namely, clarifying the meaning of existence and the human condition, here and in eternity.

In this sense, the page "The Insight" provides an introductory text on some main ideas that, along with many others, are covered in the book "Little Mythologies of Creation", within a detailed and creative approach that discovers the means and operative models of this meditation and brings all areas into it. On the other hand, through the Blog, we intend to raise particular reflections on certain topics, which can be suggested by readers, and generate a space for interaction.

We also intend to offer a set of activities (lectures and courses) for deepening reflection and debate on the different topics of this point of view, namely clarification and training in non-duality, its integration in meditative practices and retreats, as well as in a practice of Yoga I call Breath Modeling.

The point of view of reality and, in particular, of the human condition generated in the investigation, as well as its fruits, have become a therapy that integrates, in a non-dualistic way, the subtle structures behind the different pathologies and all kinds of existential complexities. A therapy where the reflection/creation is done directly by the heart.

Thus, this is a space of the universal heart and the simplicity of its resolution, that is, of the truth of relationships and their infinite potential...





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